Loft apartment - dining area with kitchen

Chvalova 6, Praha 3 - Žižkov / Flat No. 17

Description:A smaller apartment with a balcony, facing the inner block (east), a cellar cubicle in the basement, the above visualizations are processed for this particular apartment and correspond to its actual size and layout. During the construction of this apartment, the entire property will undergo extensive renovation and a new elevator will be built.
Size:33,56 m2 including terraces ( 2,42 m2 )
Standards:See standards the implementation of this apartment
Price: 6 376 400 Kč including VAT ( 190 000 / m2 )
Discount 1: 6 040 800 Kč including VAT ( 180 000 / m2 )
Discount 2: 5 705 200 Kč including VAT ( 170 000 / m2 )

Construction of six attic apartments in the popular location of Žižkov. The building will include the addition of a new elevator and extensive reconstruction of the entire building, including new utility networks and restoration of the historic interior. Ground floor apartments will be built on the basis of a reinforced concrete structure with brick partitions. If you are interested in more information, do not hesitate to contact us. The layout of the apartments can be customized, as well as the possibility of choosing all the equipment. Estimated construction start july 2023, completion in 12-13 months. As standard, we allow clients to inspect the construction by their own construction supervisor or residential architect. It is possible to purchase a parking space directly in the building for the apartments.

Ownership: private
Realization: 07/2023-08/2024
See standards the implementation of this building
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